Halloween Costumes 2020

This year has been a roller coaster with a very steep and scary dive. Fortunately, after we dive down, the only way to go is UP. Now that many states have reopened and life is getting back to normal it’s time to indulge ourselves in a once in a year tradition…Halloween costumes. Get some ideas with our best Halloween costumes for 2020.

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Halloween has been an American staple as American pie, Thanksgiving, and 4th of July. Even though Halloween has been tradition of going from house to house asking for candy with an impending egged or TP punishment for those stingy enough who refuse, this year will be a challenging one. Given our current situation it’s best to reduce our interactions with as many people as necessary.

In lieu of the traditional trick or treat, family costume dress-ups are going to be more popular. Staying home or just a quick stroll through the park to show off your kids Halloween best is more adequate. Including, searching for candy will be changed this year. Doing a candy hunt, like in Easter, is looking like a more attractive alternative. This way they get the appropriate amount of candy and keep safe at home. Here are some great recommendations for you to celebrate the loved spooky holiday.

Cinderella Party

A classic and timeless costume for all little girls. This is a must for all fairy tale fans out there. Make the night even more special and have the kids Dad or sibling dress up as Prince Charming.

Make you boy shine like the prince he already is with this great outfit. Made with poly poplin, this outfit is made to last. Comes with 3 pieces; pants, blazer, and belt. The shoulder pads are removable or adjustable. This is one of the two princes costumes available. They are great for sibling themed costumes.

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