What is Wholesale?

Wholesale is how stores(boutiques) buy stock to re-sell.  You must buy by bulk.  Like the majority of wholesale vendor out there we require a business license or seller permit in order to start a b2b relationship. 

What is the minimum order amount ?
  • First time customers are required to buy a minimum of $500 in their first purchase. 
  • All consecutive orders have minimum of $150.
What is a Seller's Permit?

A sellers permit is only given to business owners that are planing to resell items.  Not all states require this document and you should check with your local office about the requirements to open a boutique.

I already buy from you, do I need to register here too?

Yes, if you already buy from us we highly recommend that you register online with us as well. we carry web exclusive sales and you can take advantage of them with an account.  Also you will be able to search through our site more easily and view prices. 


I registered already but I can't log in

We had to redesign our site and all customer accounts were erased during the process.  If you registered before January 2019 you will need to register again and email us your business license. 

Additionally if you forgot your password you can reset it in the log in page and follow the instructions. If you still need help call us. 

Order processing times

Orders placed online before 12:00 pm are processed the same day.  Orders placed after 12:00 pm will be processed the following day.  

I want to add to my oder, what do I do?

If you want to add to the order please call us immediately (213)745-4568 so we can hold on the shipment.  Once we verify your order is still processing you can place your new order online. 

Shipment transit times

Shipment transit times are not guaranteed. 

My account is inactive, what do I do?

Accounts that have not made a purchase for 12 or more months become inactive.  You can re-activate the account my making a minimum purchase of $350.  Once we receive your order your account will be activated and all consecutive orders will have the standard minimum of $150.  

Accounts that exceed 24 months in between purchases are considered closed and will need to make the initial purchase or $500 to re-open the account.